Most Vehicles on the road are now fitted with ABS and some even with electronic hand brakes. They require expert maintenance and specialist equipment whilst being worked on. For instance did you know that some ABS sensors are built into the vehicles wheel bearing and have to be precisely fitted with a hydraulic press. Others use one side of the wheel bearing as a pick up for the ABS, so they have to be fitted a certain way round.

Many people can be mistaken for thinking that brake judder will be a brake fault, in many cases it can be a suspension wear problem, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the experience to diagnose a fault accurately. We have the latest equipment to brakes on vehicles litted with electronic handbrakes and ABS, these systems require expert knowledge and understanding as they can very easily become changed We are fully equipped to carry out all your repairs.


Modem Suspension and steering systems are designed to give greater levels of ride quality and comfort than ever before. To achieve this vehicles are filled with all manor of suspension arms, electric steering racks all of which can fail and lead to an unsatisfactory ride, or knock, not to mention being potnetially dangerous. We are experienced in all manor of steering and suspension diagnosis and repair and are equipped to tackle steering arms/bush replacement coil spring and strut reneweal on all types of vehicle. In many cases we can change the bushes/back joints on the suspension system to give greater ride comfort and save you money.

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