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We believe that looking after your car provides short and long term benefits, and at D.A Whiteley Autos, we are focused on helping you get the best from your vehicle. We have been operating since 1981, and we are pleased to say that we are still a family run firm. This means that we are still fully focused on offering you great value for money, a friendly service and peace of mind at all times. Whether you are a reactive or proactive motorist, if you need any assistance in looking after your BMW, we are the company to call on. Whether you would like to book an appointment or you just want to find out how we can help you, please get in touch and we will arrange something to ensure your car is kept in excellent condition.

We offer peace of mind and value for money

Running a motor is expensive but we believe that there are certain steps you can take to save money and gain great benefits in the long run. The thought of paying to have your BMW serviced on a regular basis may be off-putting but this service may provide you with significant savings in the long term. A well serviced vehicle has a better level of fuel efficiency, allowing you to save money on every journey. There is also a lot to be said for the fact that a well serviced vehicle reduces the likelihood of being involved in an accident. No matter what you place as the most important element when driving, we are in a position to help you achieve these aims.

We can maintain your car to BMW schedules

If you are worried about using an independent garage as opposed to your standard main dealer or franchise, don’t. EU regulations now ensure that independent garages can provide services that do not affect your warranty, so you can choose us and receive tremendous value for money at a fair price. We provide BMW servicing options that follow the schedule of the manufacturer, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best level of service when you choose us. We are regarded as the leading BMW specialist Woking has to offer, and we will not let you down.

We provide a wide range of services

We are fully registered to offer MOT tests and we provide an extensive level of support for accident repairs. Whether you are reactive, proactive or merely following regulations with respect to caring for your vehicle, we can help you out. No matter what assistance you need for your BMW, call on D.A Whiteley Autos.

We are your number one BMW specialists because:

  • We have been operating since 1981
  • We are a family run firm intent on offering value
  • We have a highly trained and skilled team
  • We utilise the best equipment
  • We aim to offer terrific value for money services
  • We can provide MOTs

We provide a specialist service for BMW owners and we look forward to keeping your vehicle in excellent condition.

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