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More and more motorists understand the importance of ensuring their vehicle is properly looked after. A well-serviced and maintained vehicle is far more likely to remain in good condition and retains its value for many years to come. This is something that we are very keen to promote at D.A Whitely Autos and we are very pleased to say that we are Audi specialists. We have been operating since 1981 and even though Audi cars have changed a great deal since then, we are pleased to say that we have moved with the times. This means that no matter what Audi you drive, if you are looking for the highest standard of assistance, we can help, so get in touch.

We provide you with a fair price

If you are looking to have your Audi serviced, come to us and we promise that we will provide you with a fairer price than many dealerships and franchises. The good news for motorists is that you can enjoy the services of an independent garage without putting your warranty at risk, so you can have every confidence in coming to D.A Whiteley Autos. We believe that we provide an effective and efficient service, and we know that you will love the price that we charge so if you are looking for increased confidence in looking after your vehicle, please get in touch.

We are skilled and experienced

With modern cars becoming increasingly technical machines with many computerised components, there is a need to work with a professional with specialist experience and expertise. We are regarded as the leading Audi specialists Woking has to offer due to the fact that we have invested heavily in this equipment, and we have ensured that our team members are fully trained and skilled in the use of this equipment. We aim to provide you with the highest standard of service at all times, so if you are keen to ensure your vehicle is kept in fantastic condition, come and see us.

We use the best quality parts

One of the ways that we ensure your Audi is kept in great condition is through using recommended parts if we carry out any replacement work on your vehicle. At D.A Whiteley Autos, we aim to provide you with long term benefits and confidence, and this means that we only use parts that can be relied on. We prefer to focus on offering you value for money, and when you choose us, you can rest assured that you will receive a service that keeps your car on the road for a considerable period of time.

Call on us for Audi support because:

  • We are Audi experts with considerable experience
  • We utilise recommended parts for Audi cars
  • We have invested heavily in diagnostic equipment
  • We have been operating since 1981
  • We aim to offer value for money at all times
  • We offer friendly and helpful advice

If you are keen to ensure that your Audi is kept in great condition, come and see us at D.A Whiteley Autos, and we will give you the confidence you desire.

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